My first Starseed Adventure Vlog!

Hey Star Family! I like to go on adventures and explore wherever I’m living. I went on a hike through Midwest Prairie and saw many beautiful friends! I felt divinely guided to share my corner of the world, so I hope this resonates with a few of you. Make sure you Subscribe to my Youtube channel as i’m just starting out. I plan to share my life with you from the perspective of a Starseed! Peace and love to you all!

-Rochelle Bjorklund


My higher self wants me to be Vegan.


Hello! Check this out. I have been feeling sick to my stomach after eating like crap for a week. I feel lethargic and moody and I don’t have the energy to really enjoy life. I think the next step for me in this ascension process is clearing my body from all that does not serve me. I wish to be a clear receiver of divine guidance, and pizza really isn’t worth it.

– Rochelle Bjorklund

Starseed Advice: Waking Up in the 3rd Dimension

Waking up aint easy. We have to relearn who we truly are. Self-healing is the best thing you can do to help humanity! I discuss what I have done to help me on my ascension path.

-Rochelle Bjorklund


How to Receive Messages from your Higher Self

How do you expect to hear messages if you aren’t listening? I talk about what I have come to realize on my ascension path. We are being supported and have guides that would like to communicate with us but we have to pay attention to the signs they are dropping every single day. The more we pay attention, the more we learn how to perceive the messages.

-Rochelle Bjorklund


Larimar Crystal Meaning

Larimar (blue pectolite)

Larimar (blue pectolite) is a rare blue version of pectolite currently only found in the Dominican Republic. It only ranks a 4.5-5 on Mohs hardness scale so it is important to be careful with your Larimar and avoid strenuous activities while wearing one/ working with her. Larimar is a crystal that radiates love, relaxation, promotes balance, melts away stress, and promotes peace and positivity in your life. Larimar is a powerful ascension crystal and opens new dimensions and encourages the ascension process to take place in the individual to the benefit of the whole. Creativity and Action is inspired by Larimar, as you are able to be connected with your higher self and receive divine guidance. When we are able to perceive these messages, taking action comes easy as it makes us feel good. When we are in alignment with our higher selves we aren’t burdened with low-level vibrations that create disharmony in our lives.

Colors: Larimar is found as a mixture of white and turquoise blue. It’s color matches the shade of the Caribbean Sea where it is found nearby.

Chakra Healing Properties

Larimar is connected to the Throat Chakra. It’s soothing vibes allow for clear communication and helps open up blockages to release your creative energy in a new and exciting way. The balancing and healing properties to the throat chakra allows you to express yourself clearly and allows you to speak from the heart. If you often feel misunderstood or unable to come up with words that make sense to other people I highly recommend working with Larimar. It allows your communications to be received clearly and on a deeper level.

Larimar is there to support all of your higher Chakras and is connected to the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. This is why Larimar is best to be worn as a pendant.


Angelic Connection

Larimar has such a calming energy it allows you to get out of your mind and raise your vibration. This effect allows you to be able to communicate with your angels. You will be able to perceive their messages. This could also be said about your higher self and any other spirit guides you may have surrounding you.


Ascension Stone

Larimar is a great stone to work with during the ascension process. We must learn how to get out of our minds and relax in a world where chaos surrounds us. We are at the ending of the third dimensional reality and it will be quite the process releasing negative energy from Mother Earths fields. Larimar will help you as a lightworker by encouraging a relaxed and non-reactive state. The inspiration to create and inspire that comes from working with Larimar is beneficial to all of humanity. We must create the systems of New Earth and the time is now. The support that you will receive while working with Larimar is immense. Know that you are not alone and that Larimar is a gift from Mother Earth to help you stay calm during the events that are unfolding.



Introducing: Rochelle Bjorklund

Welcome to my website! My name is Rochelle and I am a stoner nature lover who loves aliens and being healthy. I post whatever comes from my heart. I love writing about crystals, ascension, traveling, health and wellness, spirituality, love, cannabis, and culture. I am a newlywed, and I am so happy and loving life right now. I hope you enjoy my content ❤